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Interview with Filippo Fochesato Colombani, CTO of Rubber Conversion.

2023 will be an important year in the development of Rubber Conversion, which, after having achieved the publication of its first patent and with the forthcoming inauguration of its new production line, aims to grow by differentiating its product and service offering, developed also thanks to partnerships and participation in research programmes supported by the European Union.

We asked Filippo Fochesato Colombani, Chief Technology Officer of Rubber Conversion, to tell us about the development guidelines of the Verona-based start-up.

What role does research and development play in the Rubber Conversion model?

Our technology is very innovative and is based on a mechano-chemical method of devulcanising rubber. Being a very recent technology, it is subject to continuous development.

It is precisely Research & Development that represents one of the key factors of Rubber Conversion's success, through which we carry out continuous process and product innovations to compete and be constantly innovative in the ever-changing field of post-consumer or waste material recycling and recovery.

In addition to in-house research, we also partner with major international groups - such as Bridgestone and Stellantis in LIFE Green Vulcan or Scarpa in LIFE Re-Shoes - and carry out co-developments within GDAs with major polymerisation and compounding groups to identify and develop new products to bring to market.

Which areas will product and process development focus on?

During 2023, we will focus on three main strands of innovation:

  1. product customisations designed for the individual application sectors of our customers. On the devulcanised product with our technology we are going to further work on the interface chemistry of the devulcanised product so that it can be accepted more efficiently, and therefore in larger quantities, in the new compounds in which it is to be inserted;

  2. refining the devulcanising package: we already have a very good package, but the new chemical methods we are developing will be even more selective and even more attentive to reaction kinetics, and will be specific to different types of rubber;

  3. we will also extend our devulcanising capability to polymers that we now process only marginally, such as EPD

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