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Considering the low rates of reuse, recycling and recovery of rubber waste, one of the main issues to be addressed by the players in the Rubber Recycling sector is the need to establish a dialogue on this topic with the main institutions at international level.

The 'Critical Raw Materials Action Plan', promoted and supported by ERMA (European Raw Materials Alliance), aims to develop resilient value chains in the industrial ecosystems of the European Union and to reduce the dependency on primary CRMs (Critical Raw Materials) through the realisation of sustainable substitutes and the promotion of revolutionary technological innovations. ERMA is seeking to engage the most relevant stakeholders, including industrial players in the value chain.

Rubber Conversion participates in the EMRA discussion table

For a startup such as Rubber Conversion the honour of being able to take part in a prestigious international forum such as the European Raw Materials Alliance is an opportunity to actively take part in the discussion and implementation of strategies that will really make a difference in the innovation scenario of the rubber recycling sector, helping sustainability in a landscape that is still too impactful and needs the constant work of all innovators.

The establishment of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) is among the 10 concrete actions indicated by the European Commission. Rubber Conversion has actively participated, since its foundation, in many ERMA meetings and working groups, together with other stakeholders from industry, academia, research, national authorities, associations and financial institutions, with the aim of create sustainable, competitive and innovative value along the material chain. For this reason, the formalization of access to the Alliance represents a logical step in the strategic strengthening of relations with the most relevant institutions such as ERMA.

"We are extremely satisfied", says Francesco di Pierro, Co-founder, Business Development Manager Rubber Conversion, "of the fact that the European Raw Materials Alliance has recognized the value of Rubber Conversion as an important partner to contribute to the development and definition of a strategy to improve the efficiency of natural rubber as a critical raw material according to the definition of the European Commission ".

Research & Development for an innovative devulcanization method

Rubber Conversion's innovative rubber recycling method has significant, still largely unexpressed potential for the development of quality secondary raw materials from ELTs (end-of-life tires and rubber products in general) and significantly increases the content of secondary raw material compound in new tires. The circularity-inspired concept recognizes the importance of considering the entire lifecycle of materials and redesigning products and operations to encourage greater material recovery, while implementing greenhouse gas reduction strategies and eliminating disposal costs.

A constant path of research and development, which is implemented by Rubber Conversion also through prestigious scientific collaborations, such as the one with Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste which has made it possible to study how to optimize the chemical reagent according to the polymer to be treated.

Rubber Conversion also participates in the Life Green Vulcan project and some of the scientific discoveries obtained are already turning into practical and commercially relevant innovations with the potential to reach the market, as well as benefit society.

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