Replacing take-make-waste with take-back system: sustainable rubber compounds

Place: Milano Fiera
Event: LineaPelle
Organizer: Linea Pelle Srl
Date: 02-04 October 2019

The most important international exhibition dedicated to leather, accessories, components, synthetics and models for footwear, brings together industry leaders curious to explore the most qualified ways of improving their production processes. Rubber Conversion’s R&D department succeeded again in the most challenging recipe optimization tasks and managed to satisfy its client’s expectations. Thus, we decided to move forward.

Corporate business environment usually contradicts concept of sustainability, which is why it sometimes becomes harder to incorporate on the large-scale basis. In order to help its clients’ in creating sustainable products and establishing complex recycling systems, Rubber Conversion offered a tailor-made solutions for the entire rubber manufacturing world. Goal? Eliminate waste and close the loop of their product’s lifecycle.

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