One-stop ELT management solution in a form of an innovative mechano-chemical rubber devulcanization

Place: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Event: BRI Environmental Big Data Platform and International Platform for Environmental Technology & CIEPEC 2019
Organizer: China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
Date: 10-11 & 12-14 June 2019

Circular use of critical raw materials, i.e. virgin rubber is poised to be of strategic importance for the entire European industrial system in order to ensure a successful and cost-effective transition to a zerocarbon economy. In consideration of Chinese 2020 estimations when environmental protection industry is expected to become the pillar industry of national economy, Rubber Conversion was invited to present its tracking, collecting and processing of End-of-Life Tires (ELT) success stories, along with its integrally driven development of the most advanced rubber reutilization solutions. 

According to ERTMA’s report, China is both a large producer of rubber products and a large waste rubber maker, tires including. Statistically speaking, around 100 million pieces of waste tires is generated per year in China, thus, this country is open to explore the most innovative mechanisms to recycle and reuse waste rubber.  

As part of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection network, Rubber Conversion presented its innovative ways of reusing both production and post-consumption rubber waste, while perceiving the high-quality material properties. Understanding the importance of investing in innovative materials that undoubtedly helps global circular economy, while creating a sustainable society, this event was officially supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, the Embassy of Italy in Beijing, Italian Trade Agency (ITA), Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Science and Technology, many Universities and research centers and industry leaders.  

Rubber Conversion’s commitment to promoting the recycled rubber applications, consequently contributes to the awareness-raising perception of the entire rubber industry. More investment is coming on-stream in Asia, particularly China, therefore, the importance and advantages of the most promising devulcanization process performed at Rubber Conversion’s plant, have been recognized through many recycling collaborations, established during the both events.  

Rubber Conversion team is honored for being perceived as the top-notch Italian innovative technology and will continue its transition towards circular economy. 

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