Rubber Conversion is the National Award Winner in Circular Economy

Place: Rome, Italy
Event: Premio Nazionale Startup Economia Circolare 
Organizer: Circular Economy Network
Date: 22 November 2018


The first National Award edition of the Circular Economy Startups in Italy, presented through the report on “Potentials and obstacles for the Circular Economy development” was principally organized with an aim to promote the institutional and industrial strategies, policies and economic instruments that can facilitate the transition to the CE in Italy.  

 Rubber Conversion was selected for its “developing and implementing patented chemical-mechanical process and the ad hoc engineered system, allowing the rubber devulcanization as well as any rubber mix recycling and for serving European tire and technical rubber goods industry. Using recycled rubber through this process allows companies to recover their production and post-production waste, simultaneously reducing both the virgin rubber consumption and the cost of the finished products”.  

 De-vulcanizing rubber without damaging its properties!  

Rubber Conversion’s technologists and experts were keen to transform the most challenging requests coming from the dynamic market into the innovative material application movement. Understanding raw materials crucial impact on Europe’s economy on one side, while acknowledging the challenge addressed by the European Commission’s list of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) incorporating Natural Rubber (2017), Rubber Conversion managed to overplay the previous reclaim rubber recycling era.  

Rubber Conversion’s tech & innovative importance has been recognized and awarded by the most relevant network for its an overall superiority and for leading the movement.

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