Devulcanization: a concrete solution for the rubber industry’s sustainability

Place: Monza, Italy

Event: Creating 0.3 system – Green economy & sustainability

Organizer: Assogomma with technical collaboration of Rubber Conversion

Date: 23th of October 2018

Along with the exclusive presentation of Cerisie Laboratory, the only Italian lab specialized in elastomeric materials, Assogomma has used the end of October for gathering in Monza the most relevant italian rubber industry representatives.

Mr. Matteo Battaini, both President of Assogomma and Cerisie, has opened the ceremony organized for 150 privileged guests. Assogomma’s aim is to stay abreast of market changes, continuously providing state of the art technical expertise to support the industry overcome future challenges.

A key challenge for the European industry is the risk of supply of natural rubber: EU yearly estimated rubber consumption is 28 million tons of rubber, 13 mil of which of natural rubber and Europe relies entirely on import of natural rubber. This issue can be addressed through development of alternative, bio derived, sources of rubber. It can also be effectively addressed through the development of viable solutions to improve the recycling for reuse rate of rubber from post production and post consumption. Currently, it is estimated that only 1.5% of rubber from end of life tires and 15% of rubber from post production waste is reusable for the rubber industry.

Thus, an open debate starts with “how do we improve the reuse rate of rubber from production offcuts and end of life rubber material?”, which is exactly Rubber Conversion’s field of expertise.

On behalf of our company, dr Francesco Di Pierro has presented Rubber Conversion innovative devulcanization technology offering an in-depth explanation of its standard NR-SBR sustainable compounds and its concrete solutions for reusing rubber offcuts and processing waste. Reusing own production offcuts as an active ingredient in product formulation is now a viable and concrete opportunity, allowing a significant raw material cost reduction and CO2 emission savings.

Thanks to its topic-related competence and obtained quality certifications, Rubber Conversion was named as Assogomma’s technical collaborator in this event’s organization.

The closing line of the event was pointing out the upcoming years challenge of a new generation of materials and components, along with a deeper and systemic vehicle development approach.


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