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About us

Rubber Conversion

Rubber Conversion S.r.l. is a recognized Italian technology company that serves leading European tire and technical rubber goods manufacturers with its cutting edge devulcanization process. Soon after gaining an innovative technology startup recognition, Rubber Conversion found its niche in a research-oriented and bespoke customer-centric business model. Both our supreme technological competences and innovativeness are continuously growing on the dynamic market terrain in between the research and development (R&D) state-of-the-art on one side and challenging conditions facing the sector, on the other. We confront this duality from the most important one: our customer’s side.


Through its parent company Innovandoleading Italian global solutions service provider for industrial waste management, Rubber Conversion will arrange both the collection and take-back assistance for its clients. Moreover, Innovando’s cost-effective turn-key solutions, designed for tire producers and importers, outline the entire logistic systematization and full document management, respectively. Rubber Conversion is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Advisory Board

Rubber Conversion has established its Advisory Board as part of an ongoing effort to evolve its understanding of all economic, political and technical issues shaping the rubber manufacturing business in order to continue providing appropriate solutions to the industry.

The purpose is threefold:

  1. Providing strategic insight to the Top Management & Business Development team
  2. Share technical expertise and advise on issues relevant for Rubber Conversion
  3. Extending and enlarging Rubber Conversion strategic network of key leaders around the world in government, business, science and the non-profit sector

Filippo Fochesato is a chemist specialized in macromolecular and polymeric chemistry, with 20+ years of experience in polymeric materials, processes, research & development, quality assurance, particularly in coloring and masterbatch areas. Dott. Fochesato is both an expert in regulatory affairs and a co-founder of Vesticolor, a company specializing in polymer granules coloring.

Alessandro Coggi is a manager with 30+ years of experience in the tire industry. After the first experiences in Fiat Auto, he has developed a long career in Pirelli both as a Sales Manager for several markets, (Italy, US, Japan, South East Asia and many more), and also as a General Manager for the Swiss and Austrian offices. His passionate innovator personality has also been partly developed within Goodyear Dunlop Tires Italia’s Chairman & CEO position. Today he works as a consultant and strategic project supporter in this sector. Alessandro is a keen solutionist and, despite his age, he is an enthusiastic rider in reliability trial races.

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Mission & Values

mission and values

We serve rubber goods manufacturers with an innovative, devulcanized rubber compounds, manufactured from post-production and post-consumption rubber. While reducing raw material costs and improving carbon and material footprint, our commitment to material recycling and upcycling is helping mindful companies improve their product sustainability and profitability.